Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Prayer at the Save-A-Lot
(of course, look for a very different kind of prayer on the day before Thanksgiving)

O God of all our days, our shelter and hope through all generations: In every age, your truth has been proclaimed by many voices that it is you who makes our hearts wise, our minds sound, and our purposes righteous to the honor of Jesus Christ our Lord.

We celebrate that this day has arrived. We pray a word of thanks on behalf of many people who have worked hard to make the opening of this store possible. Through the processes of visioning, planning, renovating, rebuilding, purchasing, and stocking; many minds, voices, and bodies have labored to see this day happen. We are grateful for what they have been able to do. We pray a word of thanks on behalf of men and women who now have work because this new store is here.

Most of all, we pray a word of thanks that there is something new in our community. Though it could easily be considered small and insignificant, we have often confessed that little things add up, and we have agreed with your word that all things work together for good. May this new thing help us to have hope for the continued renewal of this community. Open and enlighten the eyes of our hearts that we would be able to see the coming of your kingdom, even on days like today, and where we can each work as your servants within it.

We pray your blessings upon all the businesses of our town and our county, for these are the places where your people also gather. Though we can be found gathered in church buildings, we also see one another in the post office, in banks, and in the grocery stores, and we will lean heavily upon your promise that where two or three are gathered in your name there you will be also. We are grateful that you bless us with your presence as we worship, but we also pray you will bless us to go to work in your name and that we will find you waiting for us there.

Again, O Lord, we give you thanks for this good day, but we know it is not the work of our hands or the achievement of any human effort. This day is good because you have made it so. Therefore we pray these words of thanksgiving through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Invocation at the Grand Opening
of Sav-A-Lot grocery store
in Allendale, SC. October 31, 2007.


Cindy said...


Hope there are photos...

Cliff Marshall said...

o.k. Chip if you have really grown a beard you have got to post a photo on here so I can see it for myself. Congrats on the new store in town and great job on the prayer. Serving as the town's pastor can be challenging and fun I'm sure.

DMaC said...

I thought the whole beard thing was related to an "incident" with the authorities.