Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feed People and Learn Stuff
I am grateful to my friend Cindy Bell for sending me a link to Thanks!
We are in a feasting time of year. Many of us will be under the heavy influence of participating in more than one Thanksgiving celebration. Advent brings a wonderful series of worship services to our churches, but they are accompanied by a number receptions and holiday parties. From the last week of November to New Year’s Day the dominant tradition in our culture is that we eat.
Of course, when we gather around our tables we pause to give thanks. We pray our thanksgivings grateful for all of God’s blessings. Often when I have listened to these prayers, I have heard several people, much wiser than I, add to the missives, “Remind us of the needs of others.”
In this prolonged season of feasting, there are also a number of opportunities for us to feed people who do not have much food. I am to now know about a creative way to help feed the hungry.
Go to (that’s “free rice”). There, you will find a vocabulary quiz. For every definition you get right Free Rice will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. It seems to be sort of a win-win situation. You learn big words and help feed hungry people at the same time. Since starting the web site in October, Free Rice has donated over 1.7 billion grains of rice. It shouldn’t take any erudite philanthropist a hemidemisemiquaver to ascertain that this is a sensible munificence.
There are a number of opportunities to help the poor in our community and in our world. I hope that you will find yourself involved in more than one in this season not only of feasting but of giving.


Cliff Marshall said...

The beard looks good. Thanks for posting a pic.

Cindy said...

Hey, I can't get above a 45. How can I improve my score (word power) without actually studying, working on it, trying harder or reading more?

Go back to: said...

OMG that was the BEST Christmas card I have EVER gotten! Edward and I JUST read it on his lunch break and I cackled like a crow! I mean, more than normal. It's going on his mantle (as I have none) and I plan to show it to everyone, esp the folks who have sent boring Chrimstas letters that are boring and bore me. Ya'll are WONDERFUL!! Please posts updates when the test results return for our favorite Mensa candidate. Ho Ho Ho!! - CB