Monday, October 15, 2007

One Happy Computer Owner
You might want to ask for clarification when your pastor says, "My latest experiences using the internet have made me really happy."
What exactly do you mean by that, Rev?
OK, it is not what you think. Lately I have been determined to catch up with some folks I have not seen for a long time. The internet has been a big help.
I have used Facebook over the last couple years to keep up with friends. Now that Facebook has opened up beyond college students, I have been able to find a lot of folks who went to college with me.
I haven't seen my taekwondo instructors in 11 years. Of course the TKD association has a web site, and Dave and Caryn are still teaching. They are level 5 TKD masters now!
All in all, it has been pretty easy to find people, though I would never confess to being a brilliant, private investigator type. I'm really glad to be able to stay in touch with a lot of friends and family members.

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