Monday, December 12, 2011

Rev. Chip to the Rescue

I need some outlet for what I'm feeling.  I realize going public with this could elicit too much sympathy or too much ire--or both.  My first experience in the office this morning was a call to rescue damsels in distress.  Our preschool director and one of the mothers discovered a mouse in the ladies room.  OK, there wasn't any stereotypical screaming, but I did hear some female voice agreeing that they each were not going to touch it.

The director came to my door and asked if I would get the mouse out of the ladies room.  I was reassured it was a baby--what's reassuring about that?

I picked up a dish towel and was fully expecting to be removing a dead mouse.  My surprise was that he was alive and as cute as could be.  I scooped him up and headed to the door.  He weighed nothing.  He was "this big", yet I could feel his body heat through two layers of fluffy dish towel.

My heart was breaking!  I knew I had to expel this little critter from the office area, but I also knew that meant putting him out in the cold.  Where's Ellie Mae Clampett when you need her?

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LAM said...

Where is the ending, what happened to God's furry harmless creature? Did you really leave him in the cold without his family?