Friday, November 11, 2011

What Do We Call Him? Part 2

Way back in 1991, I entered the world of congregational ministry.  My first role in following my calling was as a 22 year old summer youth minister.  Yes, I led Bible studies, chaperoned youth camp and managed to live through a few lock-ins.  Much of my ministry was accomplished as a Christian older brother at best, and on some days as just another big kid (I do mean that in the best possible terms).

Then came that fateful Sunday morning.  A seventh grader came to Sunday School with some questions about the upcoming trip we were going to take.  It wasn't her fault.  She was raised right and only doing what she was supposed to do.  She began, "Mr. Chip, I have a question..."

I answered her question, and then I told her, "You don't have to call me 'mister'.  I'm not really that much older than you, and the way I like to do youth ministry is as friends, do you understand?"

She nodded and replied, "Yes, sir."

And so the curse began.  Ever since that day I have been a thousand years old.

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