Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oops! I Didn't Say "Reciprocal"

Some Sunday mornings when our Bible study leaders get together, I am presented with challenges. These are outside of the “ordinary” challenges of being a pastor, and they’re actually quite fun. Sometimes I have been dared to use a certain word during the sermon.  If you’ve been wondering for a while why I said “glockenspiel”, thank yourSunday School leaders.
This brings another challenge to mind.  If you’re missing worship and Sunday morningBible study, you’re really missing out.  Not only do you miss the fellowship and spiritual growth that can take place through some of the most basic things we do as a congregation, but you’re also missing hearing the SECRET WORD!
This past Sunday the challenge was to weave “reciprocal” into the sermon.  I forgot to because I didn’t write it on my notes.  I remembered it this morning while reading the lectionary Psalm getting me ready for this coming Sunday.  Psalm 36:5-10 speaks of the steadfast love of God and the blessings we know as we seek shelter in the shadow of God’s wings.
Reciprocal: mutually corresponding; give and take.  It helps describe life together as a church and life together with God.
A meditation I read on our Psalm said this:
Each time we take a sip from the fountain of life, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness, abundance, and gracious embrace.  We are at our best as God’s gathered people, guests at God’s banquet, drinking together from the river of God’s delights…  What does it mean to you to find your home in God?  (April Berends in Daily Feast)
So here’s to the definition of reciprocal that’s way down the page.  We’re not opposites even though we’re short and tall, light and dark, young and old, Gamecocks and Bulldogs and Tigers (oh my!).  We have the steadfast love of God in common.  “In God’s light we see light” (v 9).  It’s all about the relationship we have with God and each other.
See you Sunday!
Rev. Chip

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