Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An open letter to the Family Y

Dear Family Y of Greater Augusta,
I am so glad that my family has a membership the Y.  My sons have enjoyed playing basketball this season--boy, it sure is crowded on Saturdays!  They have also done very well in their swimming lessons.  We do have a good time at the pool.

I was happy to see the Y represented at the Riverhawks game this past Saturday night.  Thanks for being there on Scout Safety Night and providing good information about swimming and sports safety.

My sons were excited to see "Y Guy".  I thought he was pretty cool, too, but there was one problem.  "Y Guy" accompanied the Riverhawks mascots onto the ice for the second intermission.  Music began to play, and the mascots began to dance to the Village People's "YMCA".  When they reached the chorus and performed the iconic motions that go along with it, "Y Guy" DID THE "C" WRONG!

I do realize I am being picky about this.  It might be one of those things I am unable to let go.  From youth camp dances to wedding receptions, I've been helping folks turn in the right direction.  I have even taught my own children to make the "C" so other people can read it.

Please understand.  It's not just you.  I also have a problem with male cheerleaders running with flags that spell out their school's initials.  Unless they run from right to left as the audience reads it, the letters are presented in opposite order--please pay attention, CSU and USC.  Watch how the letters scroll across the bottom of the TV and copy that.

So, I'm a little heartbroken that an ambassador for the Y misses an opportunity to shine.  "Y Guy", I only want to help.  Please get better.


DMaC said...

You can forgive Y Guy for his discretions. Years of being "sometimes" have left him confused.

BeBe Blake said...

Perhaps Y guy actively playing to the spatially challenged or those with dyslexia in the crowd. I have heard of mascots who go above and beyond - I think I'm related to one;-)