Friday, October 17, 2008

Two Painting Projects

First, I've gotta lay in a little interior latex around the new door (I want to thank my neighbor James for painting the door and frame). Then I have to go upstairs to the "studio" to do some watercolor work. Of course, I am delaying getting started on both. I haven't had enough coffee yet--yeah, that's a good excuse.

The new door in the parsonage has to do with our adoption process. The old door was great, but buried under a few decades of paint was a layer of lead paint. To remove the lead paint the "legal way" would have been more involved and more expensive than replacing the door. Besides it always looks cooler when you're rolling out of Lowes with the big cart and a helper.

Last Saturday, I started taking a water color--wait, what? You're not interested in that right now? Well, what do you want me to talk about? The A-word in the above paragraph? Ohhh...

Way back in December, Trisha and I decided, after talking about it for years, that we would adopt some children. Yes, that's right, I said "some"! We felt like we are able to take on more than one and catch up with our brothers and sisters in one fell swoop. We contacted the Department of Social Services, and got the ball rolling on adopting children. We have filled out tons of paper work. We have been to classes. Our home has been inspected by DHEC, the fire marshal, and the lead risk assessment inspector (hence the new door). Now our file is complete and we are waiting to hear that we are approved. Then we'll start the process of having children placed in our home.

Why "some"? There are several children in foster care and other situations who are siblings. Many times the processes do not work out in favor of keeping them together as brothers and sisters. We want to help at least one bunch stay together. Did I just say "bunch"? It's getting scary now.

Pray for us. We'll always need that. We are looking forward to being parents. We want to rush the process, but we know it might move at a glacier's pace.

Maybe by the time the children do get here, I'll have a few masterpieces from my watercolor class that I can hang in their rooms. There might even be a mixed media work of off-white interior latex and cat hair. First, I need some more coffee.


DMaC said...

Eureka! Add some Hazelnut roast to the palette. Along with some gentle hues of earth tones and you have an original creation ACE Basin landscape.

Cliff Marshall said...

Congrats on the forthcoming adoptions!