Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So long, Skip.

Tonight, the Braves will play their first home game since the death of Skip Caray last week. I am certain there will be a good tribute to him at Turner Field. Here is mine:

The most recent Skip-ism caught me about a little over a month ago. The Braves game was coming on the radio. Skip welcomed the listners to the broadcast with words he'd spoken for a number of years, "Hello again, everybody." I gasped. It finally hit me that Skip used the very same greeting his father employed as he began Chicago Cubs games. It was a subtle tribute every time he was on the air.

Skip very often said "we" when referring to the Braves. He did it win or lose. It makes me a little self-conscious when I catch myself saying "you" in sermons.

Of course, I remember the call in 1995 which concluded the World Series . . .

Skip: There's a drive! Deep left-center! Grissom on the runnnn--yes!

Don Sutton: Yes!

Skip: Yes!

Don: Yes!

Skip: The Atlanta Braves have given you a championship!

Don: Yes!

Being in a line of work where I often struggle to come up with the right things to say, sometimes the best thing to do is let a moment speak for itself.


DMaC said...

Your last thought is worth a try. This Sunday step up at 11:30 and let the moment speak for the next 30 minutes. I dare ya!

Cliff Marshall said...

I enjoyed Skip as much when the Braves were losing as I did when they were winning. I remember once in the mid 80's the first place Mets had come to town and when the players ran to their positions Skip said, "and like lambs to the slaughter the Braves take the field." Skip had the rare ability to be sarcastic without being mean-spirited.