Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Charleston Southern,
If you did notice the return address for this missive you might already know that the above salutation is given tongue firmly implanted in cheek. I am a little upset over CSU dropping Men's Tennis from the athletic program. Alas, poor men's tennis, I knew them well . . . but the program is yet another vicitm of the need to supply more football scholarships in order for that program to try to become competitive. The infamous NCAA rule known as "Title IX" dictates that scholarships for women's sports cannot be out of proportion with men's sports (I don't know if the ration is supposed to be 50:50--you're on the Internet, you look it up!). What this means is that if CSU wanted to add football scholarships (think they do?), they would also have to add scholarships for women's sports. To do this without raising more money means that another men's program has to lose scholarships or even lose the program altogether. Ergo men's tennis and their sacrificed forefathers men's soccer. Who could have seen this coming?
Why, thank you, I will toot my own horn. Take a look at this . . .
Hate to be a party pooper, but please cancel my reservation for the Miami trip.


Cliff Marshall said...

No more men's tennis will make the campus much more American, and I don't mean that in a good way. Some of my favorite memories from CSU are from the second semester of our freshman year when David Squire and Paul Slater from Australia were my suitemates. "Mate" being the operative word. Also, who can forget Neil (I won't try to spell his last name) from Sri Lanka singing "Get out of my dreams and into my car" in the cafeteria line.

DMaC said...

Hans Olsen must be rolling over in his grave.... what's that? He's not..umm, anyway. As I recall Neil Rajapaski sang "get out of my dreams and into my pants".
(Can you print that on this blog?)