Monday, April 14, 2008

Cuban baseball update
Well, Los Gallos took the Lowlanders to 7 games, but Pinar del Rio beat Sancti Spiritus 7-6 to move on and face Santiago de Cuba for the championship. Wouldn't it be great if that was always the worst news coming out of Cuba?
Cuba is still viewed by the United States government as a terrorist state (a la President Bush's "axis of evil"). Restrictions on travelling to Cuba have gotten tighter, as have restrictions on Cubans travelling to the US. Our embargo deeply affects their economy. The cold war has been "over" for quite some time now, but we still treat a nearby neighbor as a threat. I wish our country would take the first step in a better relationship. I believe that real diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba might make things better. I am praying for this.

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DMaC said...

Wait a minute. These aren't Cubans. They're Dominicans in Cuban wrappings. Deal's off Cosmo!