Thursday, September 20, 2007

Buccaneer Speak

If you read Ken Burger's column today on CSU's trip to Hawai'i you might have run across Coach Mills' quote . . .

"Every man desires by innate nature a battle to fight and an adventure that involves risk taking," Mills said. "Through the game of sport, particularly football, those two opportunities are provided. This kind of game answers the question, on a play by play basis, do I have what it takes?"

Sounds cool. It also sound like something the "voice of NFL Films" John Facenda might say in a highlight reel of bruised and bloody offensive linemen breathing a heavy mist on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. It might be like that for the Bucs this weekend, except for that frozen tundra part.

Speaking of Buccaneers, yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Well, me hearties, did ye parlee with ARRRR's and AYE's? You know me--I be a buccaneer through an' through, you scurvy sea dogs. AVAST and heave to, laddies!!

Not too long ago, my sister forbade me to teach her kids my pirate song. It was kind of a nonsense song that three-year-olds would be good at singing. But, I guess the content could be considered rated ARRRRRR. Here 'tis. You be the judge.
I'm a pirate.
I'm a pirate.
I'm a pirate, be a-feared.
Here's my pirate eye patch,
And here's my pirate sword,
And these are my

Ahoy there, cue the fight song! ARRRRR you a buccaneer?

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