Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Sports Weekend (sort of)

I enjoyed my weekend. Friday night, we went out to Turner Field for the Braves game. It was a lot of fun except that the Braves lost. I did get to see Dontrelle Willis pitch. Sorry, Atlanta loyalists, but I'm a big fan of the D-train.

In further news from Turner Field, the girls with the T-shirt gun finally fired in my direction. I've been trying to get their attention for months. I'm glad you noticed me. I wish you would have noticed I needed an XL. Yes, I'm a choosy beggar.

OK, one more story from the Braves game. We were watching batting practice and watching the kids who gather at the outfield wall and beg for baseballs. Every now and then a player turned around and tossed a ball to a kid. On one of these occasions, a player was clearly throwing a ball to a boy in the stands when an "adult" reached in front of the kid and caught, nay, took the ball away from its rightful recipient. This guy then walked away and gave the ball to his own son. Two observations:
A. You stink, mister, stealing a ball from a kid.
B. Which kid was really the unfortunate one, the boy who had his fun stolen or the child who has a dad doing everything for him? Perhaps only their future spouses will tell for sure.

Saturday, it was off to Midtown Atlanta for college football. On this bright and sunny day, Georgia Tech beat Troy 35-20. The only drawback was the impressive sunshine from which there was very little shade. A new hat turned out not to be my only souvenir. As a friend at church the next day noted chuckling, "I can see your
sunglasses mark."

Yes, I am still temporarily marked with the sign of a good couple days off!

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